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The diceman cometh.

The Diceman Cometh

J S Kingfisher – Jeff – is a composer, lyricist, instrumentalist, and recording artist, and the inventor of the Musician's Dice. He is the composer, arranger, and producer of the award-winning, 21-piece song cycle From the Moon to the Earth. One piece from the cycle was released every full moon for 21 months; the cycle was released as a 2-disc set in October, 2015. Jeff's earlier album releases include 1998's Vesica Piscis and Floating Upstream, a collection of his early works. He is also the founder of Philomuse, a record label and the manufacturer of his wares. 

In 2004, Jeff began work on Muzoraclea kind of musical cross between the Tarot and the I Ching. In 2008, Muzoracle – and it's companion product, the Musician’s Dice - were launched. In 2010, Jeff released Muzundrum, a musician's game of skill and chance that utilizes the Musician's Dice; Muzundrum won a Tools for Schools award at NAMM that same year. 

Jeff lives and works in Southern California. When not composing, arranging, and producing, he casts and teaches the Muzoracle, and invents more things. He works mostly from Philomusica, his recording studio and Muzoracle space in Palm Desert, California (just outside of Palm Springs.) For more information, and to hear and see more of Jeff's work, please visit