The Musician's Dice


A handful of folks using the Musician's Dice were clamoring for a game – and J S Kingfisher obliged! Muzundrum – as in musical conundrum – premiered at NAMM 2010 and won the award for best game. It's educational and fun, and involves such a weird way of looking at scales and chords that even the pros get stumped. Check out the Muzundrum site for more details, and get yourself a copy!


Both the Musician's Dice and the Solfége Dice were initially conceived as part of Muzoracle, J S Kingfisher's music-based system of divination. A kind musical love child of Tarot and the I Ching, the Muzoracle consists of 89 cards, 12 Solfége Dice, and one Musician's Die. The cards are based on harmonies and musical concepts, and are drawn above or below the dice depending on which way they land. A completed "casting" consists of dice in a row forming a melody, with harmonies sprouting up or down here and there. 

The Muzoracle: The game of Musicians by Jeff KingfisherThe nature of the Muzoracle is creative rather than predictive: rather than using the system to tell the future, users are encouraged to form creative responses to the questions at hand. This process is enhanced by the musical underscore the system provides. Non-musicians can hear the music their casting generates using "The Casting Engine," a piece of drag and drop software available on the Muzoracle site; musicians, of course, can simply play it.

The meanings in the Muzoracle are derived from several sources, though mainly from the physics of sound and the cosmology of G.I. Gurdjieff. The system was 4 years in initial development, and continues to grow - users are kept up to date via the Muzoracle Addenda blog. A second edition of the Muzoracle handbook is underway.